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This is not a walk in the park but it not so hard that only the real tough can do it. If you do this track as a run it will take you a while, while on a bike it can be completed in one to two hours depending on your level of fitness. On this track you will need someone to pick you up at the other end (unless you do the loop), so it is good to do this with someone else and leave one car at the other end. The best way to start off on a bike is to start at the Moke Lake end and finish at the Arthurs Point Pub. If you are running it does not really matter too much which end you start at. This track is a single track for about 4km. If you are biking it can be a bit technical in places and you may have to push your bike some of the way. The track keeps in good condition most of the year round because it does not climb that high. If you travel from Moke Lake, you follow a farmers dirt road at the start past the woolshed. This road will take you most of the way until about 7-10km in when you make a right turn uphill. The track starts to turn into a grass track then onto a single track all the way to Arthurs Point. This is a great track if you want some up and down hill riding or running with no great big hills to climb. If you want to make this ride a bit longer then you can carry on into Queenstown through to the Glenorchy Road. Turn right up to Moke Lake back to your car. This loop is a good two to three hour ride which is 33km long..


  Total Meters Climbed Distance Max Elevation (above Sea) Time
MTB   15km 649m 50min 3hours 6 5
Running   15km 649m 1:20 3:30min 5 6-7
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